BEAst: Used to classify the material when the item number is not sufficient (T6466), to inform about the source of classification standard (T6467) and to provide standard branch codes for the items. The Reference to Article Class (T6466) is the ItemClassificationCode, listID = "ZZZ", listVersionID = BEAST:4.0" and name is Source to Classification (T6467). Peppol: A code for classifying the item by its type or nature. Classification codes are used to allow grouping of similar items for a various purposes e.g. public procurement (CPV), e-Commerce (UNSPSC) etc.

cbc urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonBasicComponents-2
Data type
Example value
Business terms
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M @listID

Item classification identifier identification scheme identifier
BEAst: For Item Classification Codes that are found in UNCL7143, select the correct code and leave listVersionID and name empty. For construction specific list that are not a part of UNCL7143 yet ListID must always be "ZZZ" and listVersionID "BEAST:4.0", i.e. mutually agreed. Peppol: The identification scheme identifier of the Item classification identifier

Example value: ZZZ

O @listVersionID

Item classification identifier version identification scheme identifier
Peppol: The identification scheme version identifier of the Item classification identifier

Example value: 3.0.2

O @name

Clear text name equivalent of classification code
BEAst: If construction specific lists are used, name specifies which of them is used. Possible names are: "SBMI", "SA", "AI", “ME” and "CoClass”. "SBMI" = Sveriges Bergmaterialindustrier, "SA" = Sveriges Åkeriföretag, "AI" = Återvinningsindustrierna, “ME” = Maskinentreprenörerna. Peppol: The textual equivalent of the code value

Example value: SBMI

Identifier/Error message Flag
Attribute 'listID' MUST be present.