cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:Description

Item description
BEAst: Product Information (T6037). Peppol: Free-form field that can be used to give a text description of the item. A detailed description of the item.

Example value: Text

1..1 cbc:Name

Item name
BEAst: Article Description (T6226). Peppol: A short name for an item. A short name given to an item, such as a name from a Catalogue, as distinct from a description.

Example value: PAROC CGL 20cy Putslamell. undertak. 200mm (200X1200) PL/33 3

0..1 cac:BuyersItemIdentification

Buyers item identification

0..1 cac:SellersItemIdentification

Sellers item identification

0..1 cac:StandardItemIdentification

Standard item identification

0..n cac:ItemSpecificationDocumentReference

Item specification reference
Peppol: Referece to an item specification document

0..n cac:CommodityClassification

Commodity classification information
BEAst: Used for multiple BEAst elements: SBMI Number (T0172:01), SÅ Number (T0172:02), Concrete Number (T0172:04), Number (T0172:07), Fuel Number (T0172:08), Configuration Value (T6369), GUID Identifier (T6408), BIM Model Name (T6433), GUID for BIM Identity (T6431), GUID for Object (T6455), Identity Type Code (T6440), Product Type GUID (T6441), Product Type Description (T6442), Customer Remarks (T6036), Customer Reference Number (T6005), Offer Number (T6010), Offer Line Number (T6459), Offer Line GUID (T6486), Ultimate Customer Order Number (T6221), Ultimate Customer Order Line Number (T6458), Shipping Marks Consignment (T0086), Rental Indicator (T6477), Expected time of return (T6479), Rental period Start date (T6312), Rental period End date (T6313) Rental time Quantity (T6478), Rental quantity code (T6425), Rental quantity Shift code (T6426), Excess (T6482), Reference to Article class (T6466), Source to Classification (T6467), Size per load (T6460), Delivery Interval; interval start (T6461), Delivery Interval; interval end (T6462), Delivery Interval; Calculated unloading time (T6463), Delivery Interval; Time for Unloading (T6464), Delivery Mark Instruction (T6002), Insurance (T6071). Peppol:

0..1 cac:ClassifiedTaxCategory

Line TAX information
BEAst: Not used by BEAst version 3.1. Peppol:

0..n cac:AdditionalItemProperty

Additional item property information
Peppol: A group of business terms providing information about properties of the goods and services invoiced.

0..n cac:ItemInstance

Item instance information
Peppol: Information relevant to an item instance or shared by the items in the order line.

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:Name' MUST be provided.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.