BEAst: Added by BEAst. Used to specify fuel consumption. To be repeated for all fuel types used.

cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:TransportEquipmentTypeCode

Tranport Equipment Type Code.
BEAst: Added by BEAst. Product Group Name (T0012).

Example value: Diesel

0..1 cbc:Description

BEAst: Added by BEAst. Fuel description (T6226).

Example value: Forrest diesel mix

0..n cac:MeasurementDimension

Fuel measurements.
BEAst: Added by BEAst. Used to specify information about the fuel and fuel consumption.

0..1 cac:ProviderParty

Provider party.
BEAst: Added by BEAst. To define the fuel supplier.

0..1 cac:GoodsItem

Goods Item.
BEAst: Added by BEAst. Used to specify the type of fuel.

Identifier/Error message Flag
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.