Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 cbc:CustomizationID

Specification identification
BEAst: This document describes the BEAst profile, and how BEAst's order response messages, version 3.1, for NeC, Rental and Material are linked to the Peppol structure. Peppol: Identifies the specification of content and rules that apply to the transaction.

Example value:

1..1 cbc:ProfileID

Business process type identifier
Peppol: Identifies the BII profile or business process context in which the transaction appears.

Example value:

1..1 cbc:ID

Order response identifier
BEAst: T3345, Order response number. Peppol: A transaction instance must have an identifier. The identifier enables referencing the transaction for various purposes such as from other transactions that are part of the same process.

Example value: 101

0..1 cbc:SalesOrderID

Sales order reference
BEAst: T6099, Supplier's Order number. Peppol: An identifier of a referenced sales order, issued by the Seller.

Example value: 101-111

1..1 cbc:IssueDate

Order response issue date
BEAst: T6325, Document Date/Time. Peppol: The date on which the transaction instance was issued.

Example value: 2021-07-01

0..1 cbc:IssueTime

Order response issue time
BEAst: T6325, Document Date/Time. Peppol: The time on which the transaction instance was issued

Example value: 06:10:10

1..1 cbc:OrderResponseCode

Response code
BEAst: T6114, Order response status. Peppol: A code that indicates whether the referenced order has been received and not yet processed, or is Accepted or Rejected as whole, alternatively, Accepted with change or already delivered.If response code is Accept or Reject there may not be any response lines.

Example value: CA

0..1 cbc:Note

Response clarification
BEAst: T6008 and T6038, Transport information or Supplier's remark. Peppol: Clarification of the suppliers decision.

Example value: Response message with amendments in the details

1..1 cbc:DocumentCurrencyCode

Document currency
BEAst: T6018, Order Currency. Peppol: The default currency for the offer.

Example value: EUR

0..1 cbc:CustomerReference

Buyer reference identifier
BEAst: T6004, Project number. Peppol: An identifier assigned by the Buyer used for internal routing purposes.The identifier is defined by the buyer (contact ID, department, office id, project code), but provided by the seller in the order response.

Example value: ABC-123

1..1 cac:OrderReference

Order reference
BEAst: The order response message always is preceeded by an order message. If the order response is a confirmation of something ordered by telephone, in a shop or a supplier portal, the Peppol message OrderAgreement should be used instead. Peppol:

1..1 cac:SellerSupplierParty

Seller information

1..1 cac:BuyerCustomerParty

Buyer information

0..1 cac:Delivery

Delivery information
BEAst: Confirmation of delivery dates are always at line level, not here. Peppol:

0..n cac:OrderLine

Specification of order lines
BEAst: Orderlines should be included in the order response only when the OrderResponseCode is "CA" (Conditionally Accepted). For all other codes only the document header should be sent. When the order is Conditionally Accepted, all orderlines shall be included, not only those that are changed. Peppol:

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:CustomizationID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:ProfileID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:ID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:IssueDate' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:OrderResponseCode' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:DocumentCurrencyCode' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:OrderReference' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:SellerSupplierParty' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:BuyerCustomerParty' MUST be provided.
Document MUST not contain schema location.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.