Used to specify information about the fuel and fuel consumption.

cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 cbc:AttributeID

Attribute identifier
BEAst: EnergyContent = T6428, ConversionFactor = T6429, FuelConsumption = T6374, DrivingDistance = T6380, DrivingTime = T6381, FuelMeasurementMethod = T6728, EngineType = T6379, RenewableFuel = T6382. One of DrivingDistance and Driving time must be provided. If both are available, both should be sent. Peppol: To define the type of measurement. EnergyContent, ConversionFactor, FuelConsumption, DrivingDistance, DrivingTime, FuelMeasurementMethod, EngineType, RenewableFuel.

Example value: FuelConsumption

0..1 cbc:Measure

The measured value. Used for EnergyContent, ConversionFactor, FuelConsumption, DrivingDistance, DrivingTime and RenewableFuel. unitCode refers to T6706.

Example value: 115.6

0..1 cbc:Description

Attribute value
Description of the attribute when there is no value to measure. Used for FuelMeasurementMethod and EngineType. Possible values are for FuelMeasurementMethod: "AutomaticMeasurement", "StandardEstimate", "ManualMeasurement" and for EngineType: "Euro2", "Euro3", "Euro4", "Euro5", "Euro6", "EuroStep2", "EuroStep3A", "EuroStep3B", "EuroStep4", "EV", "FuelCell", "Hybrid".

Example value: StandardEstimate

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:AttributeID' MUST be provided.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.